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Virtual Offices in Cracow

What are Virtual Offices?

First of all, Virtual Offices create the professional image of your company. Virtual Offices also provide you with lower operation costs, a professional looking address and a possibility to avail of a physical office together with a range of additional services (such as bookkeeping or a virtual front office).

This solution is most often used by very small companies and freelancers. It enables them to concentrate on the work done, while relieving them of the problems related to secretarial duties, correspondence or having a professional looking address. The company has a reliable and proven address at the Kraków Business Park and if needed, it can use the KBP premises to organize meetings with its customers, avail of the conference rooms, or take advantage of the secretarial services.

What do we offer?

The office is virtual, but serving the complex needs of your company takes place in the real world.

The range of our services includes help on every stage of the company development — from the support related to its establishment to the provision of ongoing financial services.

Our offer includes:

  • help in registration of the businesses in National Court Register (KRS), the Internal Revenue Service (US), the Social Security Service (ZUS) and the Central Statistical Office (GUS)
  • accounting, legal and IT counselling
  • assistance related to the choice of a bank and establishing a bank account
  • a well-known and recognizable address for the seat of the company - you can register your company at Kraków Business Park. The KBP is serviced by the Second Internal Revenue Service Office (Drugi Urząd Skarbowy) in Kraków at ul. Krowoderskich Zuchów 2, 31-272 Kraków

    More information on the premises and on the Kraków Business Centre can be found in the : "Offices and premises" section.

  • a postal box for receiving the written correspondence from the contractors and customers
  • rooms to let for business meetings, company events or conferences. We can provide rooms of varied sizes, from several to several hundred people
  • receiving and sending correspondence and courier parcels - (a special power of attorney is required). According the customer’s choice, we can send the correspondence further as an e-mail or unchanged twice a week. The correspondence can also be received personally.
  • receiving telephone calls and faxes
  • receiving and handling e-mails - within the framework of the "virtual front office" service
  • professional legal and accounting services - your settlements will be taken care of by the Buchalteria.pl company, a trustworthy and reliable business partner with a long history of providing leading Polish companies with financial services
  • storing documents


The following prices are approximate and don’t include VAT. Every company can negotiate its prices according to its specific needs.

  • seat address with servicing the incoming correspondence 400 PLN/month

Handing over correspondence:

  • in person free of charge
  • by registered letter 5 PLN + postal charge
  • courier service 7 PLN + courier fee
  • fax 0,50 PLN + TPSA fee (per page)
  • e-mail – scanning 0,50 PLN per page

The Virtual Office provides you with a possibility of organizing conferences, events or business meetings. That is why our customers can lease conference rooms of varied sizes, while availing of preferential price conditions.

Conference rooms to let:

  • 1 – 4 hours 200 PLN
  • 4 – 8 hours 400 PLN
  • over 8 hours 100 PLN per hour
  • a multimedia overhead projector 100 PLN
  • catering service 15 PLN per person
  • flipchart 50 PLN per day
  • screen free of charge
  • Internet free of charge

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